Lifetime Value of a Customer

It would be wonderful if every time you advertised, you generated enough new business to pay for the advertising cost. In the real world, this hardly ever happens. What happens instead is that you hope to generate new customers who will create substantial profits to your business over the years. A great example of this … Continue reading Lifetime Value of a Customer

7 Timeless Truths

Birds of a feather flock together. People with similar demographics flock together. Many "neighbor" mailings, based on this principal, have been very successful. Slow and steady wins the race. It's a continuous and consistent marketing message that wins. The unique and cool don't make lasting impressions. Working the back-end has always been the key to success in … Continue reading 7 Timeless Truths

Everything You Want to Know About New Movers

New Movers represent an incredible market for thousands of companies to grow their businesses by gaining new customers. With over 20 million households moving every year, it's impossible to ignore this direct marketing opportunity. It equates to around 50 million potential new customers per year. Every contractor is looking to reach new movers. All of … Continue reading Everything You Want to Know About New Movers