The Impact of Moving

Everyone knows how important relocation is to a a shift in buying patterns. Depending on the length of move, people change their pizza shops, dry cleaners, barber, church, etc. A typical homeowner will spend $9,400.00 within three months of moving. Renters will spend nearly $4,000.00. Not surprisingly, a month or two before the move, the … Continue reading The Impact of Moving

Creative With Strategy

Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called marketing. With over half a century of direct response experience, we are frequently amazed by marketers who seem to lack a strategic plan. A good example of this is when direct marketers buy online-generated leads. These marketers are the first to tell you how … Continue reading Creative With Strategy

Q & A: Should You Add New Movers to Your Next Fundraising Campaign?

  Nonprofits are continually looking for innovative ways to find new donors. As a result, New Move Marketing decided to do a Q & A this week with Kyle Elliott—a successful fundraising and marketing professional—to gain an inside perspective on how nonprofits have successfully added direct mail to their fundraising efforts. Q: What's your experience … Continue reading Q & A: Should You Add New Movers to Your Next Fundraising Campaign?

Target with Knowledge

It's no secret that determining your target market is essential to running a successful business. Many companies however, fail to grasp the most important part of this concept- understanding the psycho-graphics, consumer behavior, and characteristics of said target market. Many consumers' personalities, buying behaviors, and perceptions of life are shaped by the generational cohort in … Continue reading Target with Knowledge