What is Your Call to Action?

Not including a clear call to action in all of your marketing is a huge mistake. It is one of the errors we frequently see when reviewing marketing plans.

A beautiful direct mail piece, advertisement, or website may be nice to look at and inviting to read, but its worthless if your audience is not directed to take  a specific action after watching it or reading it. You must create some form of urgency.

This can be a simple direction: Call right now, click here to see more, don’t delay, mail in today, etc. Or, it can be more persuasive, a limited time offer, a special sale, or something free. Think about the mail and email you receive- the ads you see, the commercials and banner ads targeted to you. Then notice what inspires you to take immediate action.

By failing to identify what you want people to do when they receive your marketing piece or view your website, you waste time, effort and expense you put into the communications, because you will not generate results that you could have.

Remember, every communication you have, whether it is with suspects, prospects or clients, is an opportunity for you to get business from them.

But you need to make it as easy as possible.

Every direct mail piece, every page of your website, every ad, every postcard, every newsletter and marketing communication should have a clear call to action. Clarify what you want readers to do- call this number, visit this landing page, do it NOW!

At New Move Marketing, we are able to provide you with the most current mailing lists compiled of new movers in your selected area- it’s up to you to determine how to communicate best to them!

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