Why Not Now?

Once your company has developed a mailing piece that works, there are several things you can do to maximize your bottom line.

  • Continue testing. Start with refinements of your successful mailing piece (called the “control”), test each element of the mailing. Test adding a guarantee, a lift note, testimonial, test price, or adding a sweepstakes/premium. There is really no end to ways to improve the control. Always test new mailing pieces trying to, “beat the control.”
  • Add more lists. As your mailing program matures, fewer and fewer new lists work. You have already tested all of the logical issues and are now into secondary lists, which generate poorer results.
  • Improve your delivery with better postal hygiene; remove more duplicates using better supplier software,etc.
  • Improve the lists you purchase, by narrowing down to more specific demographics or geography

A lot of data companies offer New Mover lists, the market is very saturated when it comes to this type of product. At New Move Marketing, our competitive edge is the quality and hygiene of our data. We have been tested against competitors, and we win- time and time again. We are first to market, often beating out the competition by weeks.


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