Why New Move Lists Work

One of the major mailing list categories is , “Change of Address” or, “New Move” lists. There are currently over 900 New Move lists on the marketplace, and each one has a number of mailers using the list. In the United States, close to 25% of households move every year.

Approximately 43 million people move every year. 

When we examine why New Move lists work, several things are obvious:

  • When I move, I am faced with new needs. My drapes and rugs no longer fit, I may need a new bank loan or even a new pool service. I will need a wide variety of goods and services for my new location.
  • I may have left my parents home for the first time. If that’s the case, I need just about everything- furniture, kitchen supplies, home decor, even new condiments and spices to fill my fridge and pantry.
  • With 50% of Americans getting divorced, there are a plethora of people “starting over”. One partner usually gets to keep most of the “stuff”, the other has to start from scratch. Often, the newly divided couple have to scale down economically- so the king size bed doesn’t work for either person.
  • If I’ve received a job promotion, I’m moving “up”. I may no longer want my basic living room furniture, I’m trading my Honda for a Lexus, I’m also trading my stainless steel cutlery for silver plate.
  • If I moved because of a marriage or new child, I will certainly want all kinds of “stuff” for my new household or for the child’s nursery. And, with my new responsibilities, I will probably also feel a need for insurance, and will probably want and need additional credit cards to handle my new expenses.

Why do New Move names respond?:

  • The answer lies in the understanding of the reasons that precipitated the new-move. In the subconscious psychological factors at work. The consumer, who receives and responds to the direct mail, is generally unaware of these factors.
  • The factors that create a new move are also the variables of life stress. They include leaving home, graduation, co-habitation, marriage, divorce, having a child, empty nest, new job or promotion, loss of job, divorce, sickness, or widowhood. These are the most stressful and life changing events in our lives.
  • Many of these changes symbolize increased autonomy and experimentation. Perhaps for the first time the individual can decide on his own, without the approval or influence of others. This is expressed in making decisions to subscribe to magazines of your liking, or signing up for a music club that offers your personal ind of music, or accepting a cred card solicitation for your own card. All of these actions are an expression of your freedom, independence, a confirmation of your right to make decisions for yourself, a fulfillment of your personal yearnings and desires.
  • These life changes often compel an individual to gain a semblance of control by deciding what to receive and what to reject.

Check out newmovemarketing.com today to start creating your personalized New Mover mailing list, and begin reaching consumers during these important times in their lives.


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