Length Of Residency

Years ago, many direct mailers, especially insurance companies, would use LOR (Length of Residency) as a critical element in their mailing list selection criteria.

Statistics prove that the longer a person has lived in their house, the older in age that person is. And for most mail-order insurance offers, age is critical.

LOR serves another purpose, studies show that the longer a person has lived in their house, and the longer they have worked at the same job- the more stable they are financially. That translates to a much better credit risk and greater spending ability.

This is all important of course, because you must determine where your target market falls in relation to LOR. For example, if your target customer is younger in age, you may want to select New Mover mailing lists on a more frequent basis. You will want to order these lists monthly, if not weekly. This is because younger people are more mobile- you have a higher likelihood of reaching them in their new home when they are ready to spend money they may not spend later in residency.

If you have an older demographic that you are targeting, you may want to focus on purchasing New Mover Mailing lists quarterly, as elderly people typically move less frequently, unless there is some sort of trigger event.

Contact New Move Marketing today to learn more about how New Mover lists will work for your business!

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