Mailers Should Always use Direct Mail

Many people believe direct mail, or “snail mail” is a thing of the past, and that digital and email marketing should be the only marketing tactic utilized when it comes to allocating marketing dollars. Here are several reasons why we believe direct mail will be beneficial in supporting your marketing efforts:

According to a recent study by the blog, Lob:

  • People aren’t opening their emails, but still sort though their mail
  • 98% of Americans check their mail everyday
  • 66% of people have bought something because of direct mail
  • People feel that direct mail is more personal than the internet
  • Physical mail leaves an imprint on the brain

We encourage businesses to spend time researching the various ways to market digitally, and determine which avenue will be best to reach their target market and see results. We do however, recommend that digital marketing efforts go hand in hand with a  direct mail campaign.

The issue of security is always one of the reasons why digital advertising can sometimes be tricky. The internet is not always a stable and safe playing field, and whens it get compromised, there can be great risk at hand. For example, on Friday the 13th (oddly enough), there was a massive attack on Dyn, a company that routes and manages internet traffic. This attack effected major sites such as Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, Amazon and Etsy. Sites were down for several hours, and experienced similar problems again after restoration.

While this major issue was going on that Friday, consumers still received their mail. It has been proven that people not only trust direct mail, they also enjoy receiving it, and are likely to respond to it. When you double up on digital advertising and direct mailing, customers will trust that your efforts are legitimate, and you can rest assured that your marketing dollars are going toward reaching the right person, across multiple avenues.


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