Marketing to New Movers Benefits All

Many businesses wonder how or marketing to new movers can be beneficial to them. Aside from the fact that they have more spending power (new movers spend 8-10 times more money on goods and services than established residents), these moves are also looking to spend in nearly every industry.

New Movers need obvious goods and services such as internet and cable, furniture, cleaning supplies, and groceries. But they also need goods and services such as a new hair stylist, pizza parlor, lawn service, insurance agent, doctors office, church, and place to get their car washed.

Reaching these new movers within the first month of new residency is key. Sending them an offer welcoming them to the neighborhood, offering them a discount, or even offering them a first time free service is a perfect way to make an introduction and acquire them as a lifetime customer (before the competition does).

Read up on our website about how reaching new movers can specifically help your business/industry, and run some test counts selecting your desired geography and demographic selections.



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