Why Your Geography Selections Matter

Whether you are a small business, operating on a local level, a national powerhouse, or an eCommerce only business, understanding your target market in terms of geography is very important.

With New Move Marketing, you are able to select your desired area to target marketing efforts by state, city, or even zip code. It is important to understand where your target market resides, how far your reach should be, and how many consumers you are targeting within those areas.

For example, if you are a small retailer in Santa Barbara, CA with no eCommerce presence- you may only want to focus marketing efforts within city limits. You can target zip codes within Santa Barbara where you know many prospects likely live, or select the entire city.

Furthermore, if you are an eCommerce only business, you may want to reach prospects on a national level. Sending out a mailing to new movers across the country could not only help you reach a wider breath of consumers, but the results may also help you understand where your target market mostly resides.

New Move Marketing allows all sorts of businesses to reach New Movers, no matter how large or small their geographical focus is. Visit our site today and see how many New Movers are in your targeted areas.



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