New Move Trigger- Having Children

We know that having children is a major reason for families to move into a new home. Often times this new home is larger, or in an entirely new area. Just how significant is the statistic of new parents moving into a new home?

35% of new families plan to move into a new home after having their first child.

Not only will this newly expanded family need new home goods such as furniture, insurance, lawn services, etc. They will also need plenty items for the child- toys, diapers, baby-proofing items, clothing, the list goes on.

This spending power makes these types of New Movers especially good prospects to market to. For example, if you are in the baby business- as in you sell products and or services within the children and family industry- New Move Marketing just may serve as the key way to reach your target market.

Reaching these new families within weeks of their new move will be the perfect way to ensure they chose your services before they learn about your competition.

Visit our website today to learn more about why reaching New Movers is essential to any business.

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