Demographics of New Movers

Because new mover mailing lists are so crucial to the direct mail industry, it’s important to understand more about the individual you are targeting.

Gender: Women tend to stay put longer than men. For women, the median time between moves is 5.6 years, as compared to men at 4.9 years

Age: The majority of movers are between 18-35 years of age, plus a large group of children under age 20. Although this age group remains the highest in terms of moving, the number of movers in this age group are slowly declining over the years.Interestingly, people of all ages tend to move more during the summer, indicating that it isn’t tied solely to the school year. Older people tend to move during September and October, after school has begun.

Education Level: 58% of new movers have achieved a high school diploma, and 26% have achieved a college or graduate degree. This indicates that people that are educated move more often, in comparison to those with an elementary school education, accounting for only 15% of new moves.

Identifying your target customer by these few demographics will help you identify how often they move, and in turn, how often you should be mailing campaigns to new movers.

New mover lists continue to represent the most frequently mailed type of list in the nation. Visit to learn more, or to place your order!

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