Integrating Direct Mail into Your Marketing Plan

As we shared in last week’s blog, the majority of moves in America occur during the summer months due to the warm weather and summer breaks from school. Subsequently, the next few months will be your best bet for marketing to New Movers (those households who recently relocated).

New Movers are great potential consumers, and result in an awesome ROI (Return on Investment) for your advertising dollar, since they spend more money in a six-month period than non-movers do in a two-year period.

But how do you reach New Movers? Through Direct Mail! New Movers (like most consumers) are more responsive and more likely to make purchasing decisions from Direct Mail than a digital campaign.

Being that it’s nearly April, it’s safe to assume that you already have a marketing plan in place for spring. That being said, there’s still time to adjust the plan to incorporate Direct Mail. Here are three quick steps for adding Direct Mail to your marketing plan:

  1. Decide the type of New Movers you want to target. Do you want a New Mover that moved from across town (and maybe needs a new dry cleaner)? Or a new Mover that just moved from another state (and maybe needs new furniture)? Or a New Mover that has been settled in for several months (and maybe needs a car mechanic)? There is a plethora of sorting options when deciding which New Movers to target, all of which will depend on your business and the type of customer you wish to target.
  1. Purchase your New Mover Mailing List. While there are other mailing list companies out there, New Move Marketing has two to 20 times as many New Move names than other companies. Plus, you can anticipate that over 90% of the records you receive will be correct (the few errors you may receive are due to the consumer making last minute changes to their new move plans; this is out of our control). Click here to purchase a New Mover Mailing List.
  1. Deploy your Direct Mail campaign. After placing your order, the names will be emailed directly to you. You can expect to receive the names within minutes of entering your order, allowing you to deploy your Direct Mail campaign the same day! While Direct Mail has high (over 95%) delivery and response rates, you will want to send several Direct Mail pieces to each consumer in order to be most effective.

And that’s it! You have successfully integrated Direct Mail into your marketing plan. You can now expect to see increased engagement and higher response rates… Cha-Ching!

Call New Move Marketing at 800.459.0510 to learn more about New Mover Mailing Lists and how you can integrate Direct Mail into your marketing plan. You can also purchase a New Mover Mailing List directly from our New Move Marketing self-serve platform.

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