Tracking the Success of Your Direct Mail Campaign

So you’ve followed our advice and integrated Direct Mail into your marketing plan, but how do you know if your New Move list worked and your Direct Mail campaign was truly successful? Here’s our quick three-step process for tracking the success of your Direct Mail campaign:

  1. Create a Call-to-Action for each campaign. A Call-to-Action (CTA) is a group of words, such as “check out our website” or “visit our store,” that directs the consumer to take a specific action. All Direct Mail pieces should have a clear CTA! With Direct Mail, most CTAs focus on one of three actions: (1) calling a number, (2) viewing a website or (3) visiting a store.
  2. Determine a unique identifier for the CTA. Once you have developed a clear CTA, you will need to create a unique identifier that coincides with the CTA. If you don’t have a unique identifier for the CTA, you won’t know which of your marketing tactics encouraged them to take action.
    • If your CTA is to visit a store, consider a unique coupon for each direct mail campaign.
    • If your CTA is to call a phone number, set up a unique phone number for each campaign.
    • If your CTA is to visit a website, create a unique URL for each campaign.
    • In a nutshell, each marketing tactic needs a unique identifier.
  3. Review the unique identifier once the consumer takes action. So, you created a Call-to-Action, determined a unique identifier for it and have sent out your Direct Mail campaign. Now, it’s a few days later and someone has visited your website. But how do you know that they visited your website because of the Direct Mail campaign and not because of a social media campaign or other marketing tactic? You review your unique identifier! Upon doing so, you notice that they took action on the unique identifier associated with your Direct Mail campaign, not your social media campaign. Now you know that your Direct Mail campaign generated the action.

Awesome, now you can effectively track your own Direct Mail Campaign. Remember that all Direct Mail pieces should have a clear CTA and unique identifier so that you can determine which marketing tactics were successful in generating action (and sales)!

Call New Move Marketing at 800.459.0510 to learn more about New Mover Mailing Lists and how you can begin integrating Direct Mail into your marketing plan. You can also purchase a New Mover Mailing List directly from our New Move Marketing self-serve platform.

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