3 Tips to Make the Most of National Moving Month

May is National Moving Month! We know the summer months are the busiest time of year for moving given the warm weather and the convenience of school being out for busy families. But is your marketing plan ready for National Moving Month?

Here are three quick tips to make the most of National Moving Month:

  1. PLAN AHEAD: While May is official National Moving Month, June, July, August and September are also busy months for moving. Plan ahead by ordering a New Mover Mailing List today.
  2. ADDRESS CONSUMERS’ PRE-MOVE NEEDS: If marketing to pre-movers, target your campaign to the specific needs of those movers. Focus on what movers need and how your company can address their moving needs. Does your company offer help with packing and moving for example?
  3. TARGET CONSUMERS’ POST-MOVE NEEDS: Once consumers move, they will be in need of new businesses near their homes. If you are a dry cleaner, hairdresser, insurance agent or other business that is local to the consumer—or serves their neighborhood—market your business as a solution to their post-move needs!

With these quick tips, you can make the most of National Moving Month and the summer months, driving more consumers and revenue to your business.

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Call New Move Marketing at 800.459.0510 to learn more about New Mover Mailing Lists and how you can market to New Movers this summer! You can also purchase a New Mover Mailing List directly from our New Move Marketing self-serve platform.

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