Mailers Should Always use Direct Mail

Many people believe direct mail, or "snail mail" is a thing of the past, and that digital and email marketing should be the only marketing tactic utilized when it comes to allocating marketing dollars. Here are several reasons why we believe direct mail will be beneficial in supporting your marketing efforts: According to a recent … Continue reading Mailers Should Always use Direct Mail

Length Of Residency

Years ago, many direct mailers, especially insurance companies, would use LOR (Length of Residency) as a critical element in their mailing list selection criteria. Statistics prove that the longer a person has lived in their house, the older in age that person is. And for most mail-order insurance offers, age is critical. LOR serves another … Continue reading Length Of Residency

Why Not Now?

Once your company has developed a mailing piece that works, there are several things you can do to maximize your bottom line. Continue testing. Start with refinements of your successful mailing piece (called the "control"), test each element of the mailing. Test adding a guarantee, a lift note, testimonial, test price, or adding a sweepstakes/premium. … Continue reading Why Not Now?